I forgot to wear green.. again

18 Mar

I don’t hate green or anything, I like it and have a decent amount of it in my closet.  But it never seems to fail; St. Patty’s Day I always forget to wear green.  Why do I even mention it?  Because it’s annoying when an adult “30 something” pinches you cos you forgot.  Oh well, maybe I’ll remember next year ;)

Today on Yahoo! and FOX news I saw that Coke now has both#1 and #2 as far as soda sales go.  Coke at one and Diet Coke at 2.  Woop woop!  Funnier yet, I inadvertently wore my “Coke is it!” t-shirt today.  Must be destiny :)

It is 11:32pm right now and it is 65 glorious degrees!  Sadie and I went out and played Frisbee for a little while and soaked up some much needed sun.  Thank goodness for some warm, breezy weather to dry up the water still in the yard.  Oh, and note to self, clean up puppy piles!  I nearly stepped in poo almost 3 times.  How Sadie keeps her paws clean; I’m just happy she pays attention :)

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The deal

12 Feb

So here’s the deal, this is my journal/blog so don’t be shocked to see a rant every once in a while.  Yeah.  I know.  There’s a ton of ranting/fuming going on on-line so it’s probably less a potential shock for you and more a comfort thing for me.  I mean the reality is, this is my blog.  Where else can a girl go to blow-off some steam and not mess-up any social graces?

Today was better than even yesterday was.  Considering FNL’s finale being on just two days ago, I don’t think I’m doing too shabby.  Sure, I woke-up all fuzzy on Thursday morning to the City working on the snow in the streets and after rubbing my eyes to see it was still WAY to early to get-up, I got up anyway.  I spent most of the morning feeling sorry for myself because my new *fave* was gone.  After about 3 hours of checking, double-checking and then checking again, I accepted Matt and Julie did indeed end-up together and I just needed to chill.  I found this great blog on making yourself feel better and it was really good.  It got me to thinking about how I’ve been moping around the last week or so and I needed to just shake it.  And so I took to the advise in the column (a must read) by leaving the PC and hitting the shower.  Amazing how your outlook can change by simply washing-up.  Oh, and I’ll admit to listening to Friday Night Lights: Vol. 2 while in my shower!

I’ll be back for a meme I think.  Ta.

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Back in business!

28 Jan

Internet is back, woo-hoo!  I barely made it the 30 some hours it was gone.  Anyway, it’s Friday and Fridays should celebrated.  Big plans at home include CT on Xbox, steaks on the grill, and of course the newest family tradition, Friday Night Lights!  Not sure in what capacity yet (operation “MYTV” underway) considering hubby will no doubt play ‘Black Ops’ until the wee hours.

Watched ‘The Office’ last night in real time, twas very good!




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